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2009 Saturn Vue with 128k miles was running great - took it into a Chevy dealership to perform manufacturers recall on dash. Within days Stabilitrak Off light started popping up - first when at stop light. Took it back to dealership - it would not pop up when I brought it in. 2 weeks later Onstar sends me monthly notice with 2 immediate warnings - stabilitrak off and anti lock brakes off - brought it back to dealership. They reset and downloaded codes. It worked for 2 days now car dings frequently and stabilitrak off pops up all the time. Please help

My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Unfortunately, this sounds like it’s an ECU issue, most likely a software glitch that is causing the inconsistent operation of the ABS and Stabilitrak warning lights. It is possible however, that this is caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor, ABS module or perhaps a transmission sensor issue. If the dealership was unable to detect a malfunction of these sensors or components, I’m not sure how our mobile mechanics could help. I would recommend calling the dealership service department to ask them about this issue and what they can do to resolve this issue.

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