Q: Replacing an ignition lock cylinder with no keys?

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I was wondering if anyone had tips or suggestions to my current vehicle issues. So I what happened was that I lost my only pair of keys and now i am key less so no keys= no driving. I tried calling a locksmith to see if I could have a replacement set made but the locksmith could not help since I have two different keys for my vehicle, the original keys to unlock my doors and a different key for the ignition cylinder. He told me he could make me a set of keys but only for the doors and not the ignition cylinder since they have different codes. The reason i have different keys is because 3 years ago my ignition cylinders started to wear on me to the point where I couldn't turn the key anymore. As a result i ended up changing the whole ignition cylinder plus the ignition switch of my car. The set I bought came with two new sets of keys which are the ones I lost recently. Are there any solutions for this type of problem? Or will I have to drill and break my lock?

My car has 215000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. Typically trying to get a key made to fit an ignition lock cylinder is next to impossible. The best advice we’d suggest is to replace your ignition lock cylinder; and make multiple copies of the keys (just in case this happens again).

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