Q: Rattling knocking noise

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My car had a really big oil leak coming from the crankshaft, about a week ago even though I checked oil daily and it had oil, it started doing a low rattling noise. Driving home it got worse and eventually I had to call a tow truck because it died on the road. No push start nothing. The day before I bought a new baterry I just need a jump or recharge if a mechanic can come out. A few days after I towed the car home, I went to try to start it and it started and maintained idle. But there is a very loud clanking and rattling noise in the engine. Could it be work needed done on top or replacing engine. Would your mechanic be able to give me a diagnostic on this issue? Would possibly have to take off valve cover is that part of the diagnostic?

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. What you’re describing appears to be a major oiling and lubrication issue that is most likely causing your knocking and rattling noise. It’s likely that the issue is in the cylinder heads, but due to the fact that I’m not there to physically inspect your Mazda, it’s impossible to know for sure. In regards to having one of our mobile mechanics come to your location, they can complete a car is making a noise inspection, which might allow them to pinpoint the source of the noise; however repairs; if the issue is internal inside the motor would have to be completed at a local machine shop.

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