Q: Purge solenoid vacuum lines

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I just got my 2006 jeep commander back from having the catalytic converter changed. I looked the repairs over and looked under the hood to make sure everything looked ok. From the start we've had connection issues with the vacuum lines just slipping off the solenoid. Any who I was looking that over, they slip a little more everyday and you have to re-tighten them up. While I was doing that I looked on down the vacuum lines and saw that it wasn't connected to anything.just dangling there pointed downward. I looked right ahead of that and there was a clear, connector piece attached to a black hose that was coming from the direction of the firewall. It LOOKS like they just forgot to connect it back but I've never had a jeep and can't find a diagram that has the vacuum hose connections.so I'm wondering if I should connect the two?? Or if it is supposed to look like that. I didn't wanna assume they should be connected and blow something up.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Hi there. I think your best option here is to contact your local Jeep dealership and ask them for a detailed engine schematic for your 2006 Jeep Commander. You’ll most likely have to purchase this info, but it you are intent on completing repairs yourself; consider it another good "tool" to use. Most of the time if a vacuum line keeps falling off, it’s because it’s worn on the inside and needs to be replaced.

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