Q: Proper PNP switch removal.

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I have followed the FSM and through continuity tests concluded the PNP switch is bad. I have removed the catalytic converter on the RH side and can clearly see the PNP swtch. I have removed the manual control linkage from the manual shaft, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to get the PNP switch out. I cannot find the clearance or position where the PNP switch's plastic arm can be unslotted from the pin in the manual shaft. Does the pin need to be removed? I cannot tell from the A/T schematics in the FSM whether the manual shaft can be removed from it's assembly without getting inside the transfer case. I know you do not have to break into the tranny to get this replacement performed. I have the PNP switch unplugged, and it has some play in it's position now that it's unmounted, but short of bending/breaking pressures, I cannot get it out. Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to put it back to together and get my overdrive back!
My car has an automatic transmission.

I would recommend looking into some online forums for information from others who have done this same repair. It is possible that a special tool is required in order to remove this switch that you are not using. It is also possible that other components of the vehicle may need to be removed in order to gain more access to the PNP switch. If no special tools are required and no other parts can be removed to gain more clearance, I would recommend consulting with a different service manual to compare the procedures. This may show some details that were missed out or possibly some tips to save time. Many service manuals are written differently so it never hurts to check a different one. If all else fails, I would recommend to have this repair performed professionally to avoid any further headaches.

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