Q: P0449 vent solenoid valve low circuit

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I tested the vent solenoid valve off the vehicle with a 12v power supply and it makes the clicking noise. With the solenoid on the vehicle and a snap on scanner hooked up when commanding the solenoid on/off no clicking. There is power going back to the harness to the pink wire and nothing to the white with the key on. How do I test if it's a bad wire or Driver in the computer

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

If you are getting codes to the vent solenoid and cannot command it open with the scanner then you need to see if scanner said it is open or closed. Then test the resistance of the solenoid for specified resistance. If not within specifications then replace valve and retest to see if it can be actuated. If no actuation then you have to check resistance of wire from computer connection to valve and if it is good then the computer will need to be replaced with a new valve.

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