Q: oil pressure sensor occuring on dashboard, oil change done yesterday no leaks, switched synthetic

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My jetta may have been ran upon conventional oil before purchasing. Switched to synthetic ladt night. New filter oil cleaning screened and its 5W 30 synthetic oil. My pressure gauge is now occuring within a matter of 100 miles post changing. There are no leaks or malfunctions with the engine performance yet. Was Just wondering maybe it could be a sensor failure due to my switch?

My car has 121217 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Check your oil level to be sure it is adequate. Oil pressure can be checked and confirmed using an external gauge. If the pressure is normal based on a gauge reading, then the switch and/or circuit has a fault and the timing of the malfunction would be mere coincidence to the oil change. Switches can be tested and if they test good, the source of the fault is sought in the circuit supplying the switch. Something like this, of course, should be addressed promptly because without a reliable warning light you will never be alerted if a future problem with low oil pressure in fact occurs. If you desire, YourMechanic can identify the problem during an oil pressure switch diagnostic and if the switch is bad replace the switch.

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