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Q: Oil leaks constantly from the pan and over the transmission car stalled after 20 miles

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Check engine light came on oil light flashing but yet I filled up for court synthetic put coolant in cool and area and I need to know where the transmission dipstick is and where to build the fluid at 4 transmission

My car has 184000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the oil light is flashing, you should not drive the car until the problem is solved. The oil light is not a level warning, it is a pressure warning and if you drive the car when the pressure is low it doesn’t take long to do serious damage to your engine. It comes on when the engine oil pressure drops below a certain point, usually about 5PSI, If the engine is 1 quart low on oil, that usually won’t make the light come on except maybe during a very hard turn. You might have some other issue like an oil pump problem or a leak in a pressure line in the engine. As for your transmission dipstick, your car may not have one. During the 1990’s Audi went to a sealed transmission that can only be filled from the bottom using specially designed equipment. It sounds like you have some serious issues with your car that should be evaluated by a professional. You can contact Your Mechanic and have a technician come out to your home or office and check out your car and let you know what can be done to repair it.

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