2012 Nissan altima will not start. New battery, new start...

2012 Nissan altima will not start. New battery, new starter and new [brake](/topics-brake-nissan/) sensor. The steering lock mechanism has already been immobilized. When I press the start button it make a.click and the dashboard g...

2012 Nissan altima will not start. New battery, new starter and new [brake](/topics-brake-nissan/) sensor. The steering lock mechanism has already been immobilized. When I press the start button it make a.click and the dashboard goes completely out Mechanic's Assistant: Which particular sensor are you asking about? And have any trouble codes been triggered? I am not asking about any sensor Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Altima yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes. I just said everything I have replaced

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Sorry about your car problems, have you double checked your battery terminals and grounds?
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Any trouble codes, have you scanned it?

but none related
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Ok, when the dash lights go out when you push start does everything else go dead as well, like interior lights headlights etc..?

NoJust the dashboard and radio
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OkYou said you replaced brake light switch, did you replace sub harness as well?

Customer attachment 11/28/2020 10:09:31 PM

Are you talking about the thing that plugs into the brake light switch?
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Yeah sometimes the aftermarket switches won't work you have to replace with oem switch with that harness....one thing to try if you haven't already would be to take off both battery terminals and hold them together for at least 60 seconds and then reinstall and see if it changes anything

I took the battery off and did that while I was replacing the starter. Should the brake lights come on when I mash the break pedal
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See if brake lights work when depressing brake pedal...back probe and check for constant battery voltage on the red wire to the brake light switch battery voltage supply comes from 10 amp fuse #7 under hood fuse box..back probe and check for good battery voltage on the light green wire out of the brake switch when brake is depressedbrake lights should come on with key up if your getting power

Ok I will go and get a a probe now.
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Ok keep me posted

The brake lights come on.
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Ok...does your key fob work for anything?Like door locks

new battery in it as well
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Ok, what was your original problem to start with, as in like it wouldn't start one day or what?

Serpentine belt slipped off after I put some belt conditioner on it. Put belt back on and then it started doing this. Was running right before and starting up
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I understand, I would double check wiring around the belt area as well, look for any rub marks by any wires close to the belt areaCheck by power steering pump area

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Check bulkhead connector

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I know you checked grounds but double double check the ground that goes off the battery to engine ground they have a known issue to loose connection there on them

All connections are intact. No scare marksIt's on tight
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OkIf you push button (key up) and depress brake will it allow you to shift to neutral?I would check for power and verify the wires I told you earlier on the brake switch so you can eliminate that firstIf you can get it into neutral try and see if it turns over as well

for neutralI tried thatIs there a starter relay on this car
Automotive Expert
should be under hoodIf it's part of the inergrated relay system it's built in

I could find a name for itI will try tomorrowThank you
Automotive Expert
No problem your welcome

Amazing. Still have to go to Nissan
Automotive Expert
Sorry ..with it being electrical its always harder to diagnose wish I was there to look at it, best of luck

It all good. How do I give you a good rating
Automotive Expert
Just 5 stars , thank you

Did I do that? I couldn't find itDo you have a link
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If it asked you for your rating or experience that was probably it, thanks and if I can be of any help down the road let me know

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Any luck on your nissan ?

they founded there to do several diagnostic tests and too narrow and to the problem and it was a wire inside of a casing on a wire harness that have went bad the total cost was five hundred and some dollars but it was the Diagnostics that represented 300 of those dollars. There's no way you could have talked me to finding that. That being said thank you for all you do
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Oh wow, I figured it being electrical it would be hard to find, I wish it would of been easier for you I'm sorry it costs so much, thanks for the feedback, if there's anything I can do to help you in the future I will do all I can, it's not about the money to me I actually like trying to help people like you that try to tackle their own car problems, thanks again for replying back ..take care

Ok thanks again
Automotive Expert
Your welcome

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