09 Murano started up just fine Saturday. It's the push st...

09 Murano started up just fine Saturday. It's the push start button.Now it tries to crank but never starts. All lights and radio work.Battery is fine. Charged it just in case- still the same.The [brake](/topics-brake-nissan/) peda...

09 Murano started up just fine Saturday. It's the push start button.Now it tries to crank but never starts. All lights and radio work.Battery is fine. Charged it just in case- still the same.The [brake](/topics-brake-nissan/) pedal feels a bit tight I think. When I press it the brake lights light up. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the brake fluid? How's the level and when was it last changed? I haven’t changed the brake fluid since I bought the car almost a year now Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Murano yourself? What have you tried so far? Basically I’m low on money currently I’ve put it in the shop to fix the transmission and alternator now and it was running fun now this Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I have a video of what it is doing

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Hi welcome to just Answer hope I can help sorry to hear about your car not starting, do you have a check engine light on your dash also? Let me know Thanks Roy

Yeah I have a check engine light on but it’s been on since the transmission went out in may
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I would check your codes with a code reader you could have a bad sensor reading if cranky and not starting

File attached (SZZ16S1)

Can you see the video
Automotive Expert
Sounds like it wants to start her you should sure you have fuel pressure

How do I check fuel pressure
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you will need to remove the fuel line to the injector rail and use a Gage to check the pressure I would check your codes first

Okay my car won't move currently so I have to find a way to get a code reader
Automotive Expert
Try holding your gas pedal all the way to the floor and see if the car will start

Tried to do that earlier and same thing it would crank but not start
Automotive Expert
You can get a code reader at Walmart or most auto parts stores for around $20.00

Okay thank you
Automotive Expert
Your welcome and just post back if you need anything Thank you Roy!

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