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Q: New valve clicking noise

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I installed a new axel-back aftermarket exhaust, after running the engine a few times for a short period (less than a minute) I disconnected the battery, cleaned the mass air flow sensor (car would change idle speeds, thought that would help) reinstalled and went for a drive. After the engine reached operating temperature, the valves started clicking. The oil is at the correct level, and the oil has less than 1000 miles on it.

Not sure if the new exhaust caused this or since I disconnect the power source the ECU needs to re-learn the timing with a cleaner Mass air?

My car has 99135 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. The ticking sound you are hearing will probably be an exhaust leak, valve lash,incorrect oil usage, or something improperly installed during the aftermarket exhaust installation, I suggest that a stethoscope is used by a technician to help determine what region the noise is coming from then, diagnose the possible causes.There is also a recall available for the drive belt and pulleys of your vehicle. A worn pulley may cause a ticking sound when spinning. You will have to call your local Mitsubishi dealer to see if your vehicle has had the work done already. If the work has not been done Mitsubishi will evaluate your drive belts system and fix anything required under the recall for free. Your are able to find a technician who can help you pinpoint that engine noise here

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