Q: my van does want to start up

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i already puit carborater spray on the thoall the van turn on n check all relay n fuels they all r working fine i just got another pump and it still dont turn on

My car has an automatic transmission.

From what I can make out, the van WILL start if you spray carburetor cleaner into the intake. If that’s the case, then it is most likely a fuel delivery issue. If you have replaced the fuel pump and still have the same issue, there may be an electrical issue, even with good fuses and relays. If the fuel pump is not getting a signal from the engine control unit that the engine is cranking, it may not power up and deliver fuel to the injectors. A bad crankshaft sensor can cause that. Also, if there is no signal from the ecu to the injectors to fire, the vehicle will not start. A faulty fuel pressure regulator can be a reason also, even with a new fuel pump. If the pressure regulator is bad, enough pressure will not build in the fuel rail to even open the injectors.

Have a certified technician look into all the systems that can cause a no start condition to find the exact cause.

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Hi there. If the Odyseey’s engine will crank over fine, but has a hard time igniting, it’s usually caused by a restriction of fuel, malfunction of air / fuel ratio sensors or ignition system components. Starting an engine with "carb cleaner" or starter fluid can be very dangerous and harmful to an engine, so I would recommend not trying that again on your Honda. The best thing to do inn order to pinpoint the source of your starting problems is have a professional mobile mechanic complete a car is hard to start inspection.

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