Q: My Ford Explorer SERVICE RSC NOW light is on,what should I do?

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My car is showing SERVICE RSC NOW it's making a lot of beeping when this comes on my panel. Again ABS and stability control sign light too is on. Pls help me.

My car has 18000 miles.

RSC stands for Roll Stability Control. It is a form of stability control. The RSC works in conjunction with the anti-lock brake system to help regain control of the vehicle if it goes into a spin or slide. The system can apply braking power to an individual wheel as well as all 4 wheels if need be to help stabilize the vehicle. It can also reduce engine power even if you have the gas pedal pressed to the floor. These systems rely on a number of sensors to operate properly. For example, wheel speed sensors at each wheel tells the control unit how fast each wheel is spinning. If the system detects a wheel or wheels spinning faster than others, it determines that those wheels are spinning or sliding and will attempt to correct that by applying brake pressure and/or reducing engine power. If any of those sensors as well as others like the brake light switch are faulty, this can also cause issues. Have a certified technician look into why the abs and rsc lights are on to determine the exact cause. With the lights on and faults stored in the system, these systems will not perform as they are designed to.

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