Q: My car wasn't starting unless it was jumped off. So I bought a new battery and am having the same problem.

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My car wouldn't start last week, I jumped it off and was fine then early this week it happened again. I jumped it off it was fine. But if I turn it off it wouldn't start again, so I jumped it off and went to o Reilly's and had it tested. I was told it was the battery. So today I bought a new battery and had them put it in, drove home thinking my car was fine. I just walked outside to go somewhere and i tried starting my car I put it in reverse and slowly let off break to go down the driveway but the steering wheel was stiff and it felt weird so I tried to pull back up and put it in the drive and the car is not driving. Rightnow it is stuck in the middle of the driveway. The check engine and the battery light is on. My car is not starting now and I just had a new battery put in today. The alternator was tested and the alternater is fine. What else could it be???

My car has 90000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the check engine light is on, downloading the trouble codes that have been recorded by the PCM will aid in the diagnostic. The battery warning light means there’s something wrong with the battery and/or charging system. The battery should be load tested. If the "new" battery is discharged, the mechanic would check to make sure there is not parasitic power draw that is causing your battery to rapidly discharge or cause low voltage even with a functioning alternator. You have an electrical fault of some sort and the causes could be a bad ground to the body, an intermittent failure in the charging circuit, corroded connections to the battery, and so forth. To get this resolved, I recommend you request a check engine light diagnostic. During such a diagnostic, a certified mechanic from YourMechanic would use a code scanner to retrieve the diagnostic trouble code(s) from your car’s PCM and then use those codes to find the fault that caused the check engine light to illuminate. Once the faulty part or component is identified, it is explained to your satisfaction and the mechanic will let you know of the cost to repair. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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