Q: My car won't go in reverse then when it do it stops suddenly in its tracks

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My car won't reverse but when it do it stops by itself and its knocking when I drive it I really don't know if its the Maf sensor or the other sensor can't name it off the top of my head right now
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. There are several issues that would cause issues while reversing and in drive. Start by having the vehicle scanned for diagnostic codes. This can be done at most automotive parts stores, or it can be done by a technician. If there is an issue with the mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, or any other issue with a system that is monitored by the vehicle’s computer, it will show itself there (often without a check engine light). Knocking can be attributed to a wide variety of issues, and we need to determine if it is engine related (and you hear it as long as the engine is running), or if it may be transmission or wheel/suspension related (as in you hear it only when you are moving). Knocking can also come from exhaust leaks and issues, so you may want to give the exhaust a quick visual inspection (looking for holes, rust, or damage). For more help with diagnostics and inspection, or help resolving the issue, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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