Q: My car is sliding to the side, when i brake

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Not everytime, but my car slides when i slam my brakes and ABS light is on..

My car has 30000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The abs light on indicates there is a fault in the electronics of the anti-lock braking system. The car is most likely sliding sideways because a wheel, or wheels, are locking up - basically functioning as brakes not equipped with an anti-lock system. Anti-lock brakes function by using sensors such as wheel speed sensors to monitor how fast each wheel is spinning. When it senses a wheel or wheels locking up, the abs pump can modulate brake pressure to individual or all wheels up to 15 times per second to keep them from locking up. This helps provide stability when braking hard or on slippery surfaces. The brake light switch also plays a role in properly functioning anti-lock brakes. It basically communicates to the abs control unit that you have applied the brakes. These and a few other sensors can be faulty and cause the problem you are experiencing. A certified technician can scan the system for faults to find and correct the exact cause. The brakes will continue to lock up under hard braking or on slippery surfaces until the issue is corrected.

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