Q: My A/C belt is leaking and I want to know if I have to recharge it.

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My AC has been on and off recently. It will never come out cold right away, the air will be lukewarm for about 15 min. and then finally becomes cold. Or, if i first start on the car after it has been a while, the AC won't work, but if i turn off the engine and come to my car like 10 minutes later, AC will then work. I took it to the shop, where I got a "full service" of vacuum and refill coolant. The next day, I still had the same issue, but the cold air came on faster and it was a LOT colder. they said there was no leak. Its been about 1.5 weeks and today is a super hot day-- turned on the AC, and it was HOT air when I had setting on full a/c blast while driving for 20 minutes. Shop said now they see a leak, and they can replace AC belt AND do a "re" something, I wasn't able to hear the word (i am assuming re-vacuum or refill coolant) for $200. I want to know if this avg. price... and since I already paid for the "re__" thing before, am I going to be paying for the same thing again?

My car has 169900 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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