Q: My 1999 ford explorer xlt v 8 AWD won't start after trying all these things. Can you please help me figure it out?

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Left home after car sat for atleast 10hrs got a mile & 1/2 stopped at stop sign started to take back off and it putted out this was Thursday since then we have changed the fuel filter added sea foam to the fuel checked fuel pump shut off,fuel pump relay, all fuses r good, checked breather to make sure it was getting air, bleed the fuel line gas was coming out every time I bleed it, when cranking it I can push gas pedal twice and it is flooded for a lil bit after that, when I just turn the key to on instead of starting u can hear the fuel pump coming on sounds like a robot arm moving for bout 3 secs We tapped on the air flow cylinder while tryin to crank could it b something else?or is it the fuel pump? This hasn't happened to me I have been driving it for 4 & 1/2 months and never thought anything was wrong till it just quit I hope u can help because I am running out of options I work everyday and that was my only car I can't lose my job thank u so much any info please

My car has 262000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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