How long can I go without getting my car serviced?

How long can I go without getting my car serviced? ...

How long can I go without getting my car serviced?

Automotive Expert
Hi, I'd be happy to help you with this. What kind of car and how many miles since you last had it serviced? Is the car driving ok or is it having issues? Any check engine lights or other warning lights?

Mitsubishi Galant 2007, about 12,000 miles ive driven since the last serviceThe only warning light is the spanner

Automotive Expert
And how many km on the odometer? The spanner symbol is not a huge deal, just a reminder that you're due for service. It's not a fault or anything that's wrong with the vehicle. [This]( is a nice little site that lists out your manufacturer recommended services and intervals. As the site says, they recommend oil changes every 7500miles/12,000km, then every 30,000miles/48000km replacing the coolant and air filter. So overall, I would certainly have your oil changed as soon as you can. It's obviously not an emergency or anything, but when you have the time, and probably the air filter if it were mine. Depending on the odometer reading and service history, it may be time to do a drain and refill of the coolant.

Sorry for the late reply, the kms are at 107,000. Cool thank you heaps
Automotive Expert
Ok thanks! I would say an oil change, air filter, cabin air filter, and a coolant drain and refill would get you to a good baseline. Let me know if you need anything else I'm happy to answer any other questions!

Have much more ks do you think I’m able to drive before I really have to get it serviced? Just asking cause I can’t pay for the service till next week and I have to travel
Automotive Expert
Most likely you'll be fine till next week. The oil change would be the one I'm more concerned with immediately. You could do a quick check of the fluid levels just to make sure they're not low or anything.

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