Q: mercedes don't start when cold

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I have a c220d 2011 automatic in the mornings it doesn't start, straight away. Basically I have to rev the gas pedal until the temp get over 50/60 it takes about 10 mins. but then runs fine. Iv noticed every time the engine is cold it won't start straight away. Iv been using the car for a month like this and thought it might get better by magic. Now its getting worse when i go to start the car in the morning sum times it dnt want to rev i have to keep the gas pedal down for ages or just keep press the gas pedal for it to rev. I think I'm messing the engine up. it's doing my head in now, the same thing never morning or when it parked for more than 2 hours any ideas what it could be

My car has 45000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. Vehicles often have a hard time starting when the weather is cold. There is not much you can do besides stay on top of your regular maintenance. With that being said, make sure your spark plugs are in good condition, your fuel filter is good, and your battery is well maintained. The battery’s cables and ground connections need to be clean, dry, and tight. Make any updates and then work on preventing the car from being subjected to the elements. This would include keeping the car covered (indoors or a cover), give the fuel pump and electronics time to process before starting (turning the key to the "On" position for a moment before starting), and using appropriate oil for the winter time (as long as its approved for you engine). For more help winterizing the vehicle, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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