Q: Car rpm goes up and down...stutters...Idk what's wrong

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Hi my car is acting weird. No check engine light. The car does idle high. Rpm goes up and down. It does stutter when I pull off. Also at times it feels like it's skipping a little. I was thinking maybe it's the camshaft&mass air flow. I was told it could be a transmission problem. However, no lights...It just idles high then low then high again. It goes up and down. And it jerks at times when pulling off. Like it's an acceleration probably possibly. I was going to get the transmission tested to rule that out but then what's next? I don't smell anything...it's not a specific time it does the jerking. It can be warm or cold outside. It has a mind of its own. The way the rpm goes up and down it seems like I'm stepping on the gas a little but IM NOT. I don't hear anything weird. All fluids are clean and new. I had a tune up maybe 20,000 miles ago. So I really don't know what the issue is with the jerking and rpm going up and down. Some sort of acceleration issue maybe. Please help!

My car has 185000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

An incomplete combustion in the engine will cause a sputter as can the ignition system. The fuel system, such as a blocked fuel injector may also cause the vehicle to sputter. While a sputtering engine may not seem like a major issue, it is a symptom of a bigger problem that will not self-correct and will eventually result in a much more expensive repair. The source of the sputter should be investigated by completing an engine is sputtering inspection and repaired as soon as possible.

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