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Q: Looking to upgrade shocks.

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Trying to upgrade my shocks to hydro skyjackers but I don't know if I need a certain size for a 2wd soon to be 3in body lifted vechile. also would like to know if I can upgrade front 2 shocks one day then the other 2 another or if they all have to be done at once
My car has an automatic transmission.

In most cases, a body lift should not affect the size of the shock needed. A suspension lift on the other hand will change the mounting locations for the shocks, and therefore, a different sized shock would be necessary, due to the change in suspension travel. However, I would suggest that you contact Skyjacker for their recommendation, as they have the engineers and specifications on the products you are looking to use. I also recommend to change all the shocks at once, but if there is a reason you can’t do them all at once, I would suggest doing them in pairs, as long as the dimensions aren’t going to change. Meaning, for example, change the fronts together at one time, and then do the rears, or vice versa. At least do the fronts or rears as a pair. If you feel you could use a hand making the upgrades, consult a certified mechanic, like those available at

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