Q: Installing shims in the enclosed steering hub.

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I'm in Philippines . i have a owner jeep . it's rear drive only , two bolts were loose out of 6 that hold the spindle and bearings to the axle hub, found the threads in the hub knuckle were stripped out , so had machine shop tap the two holes to make them next size bigger and replace two bolts with new one's that were right size for the new threads in hub , my question is how to put right size shims in lower housing of hub . i found an answer , but said around 1963 , they used a .058 shim pack { 1.47 mm } on bottom hub housing where bottom cap and bearings would be , then said after 1963 , didn't use shim on bottom cap of knuckle , these owner jeeps were assembled from different surplus parts to make complete vehicle , don't know year front enclosed steering hub axle is from . maybe been 4 wheel drive army jeep axle at one time, but made into rear drive only,no front wheel drive now ,what should i do ? just forget bottom shim and adjust at the top with shims ?

My car has 29875 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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