Q: I wanted to know about how much it would cost to fix the heater in a 2000 dodge stratus/SE and to fix the windows that wont roll u

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So I'm buying a car and those are the only issues that the owner says it has. So i'm not sure it for the windows the fuse is blown or electronic issues. But I would like for either options. and know how much it would be to fix the heater

My car has 150000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Inasmuch as used car repair, maintenance, and restoration costs are highly dependent on the actual, as found, condition of the vehicle, the only way to get a reasonably precise estimate of repair costs you might face, and also to protect yourself in the transaction, is to request a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. That inspection, carried out by a certified Mechanic, dispatched to your location, will give you the exact data that you need to make a fully informed, intelligent decision and minimize your risk in buying a used car. If you look at the just cited link for YourMechanic’s inspection service, you will see a long, long list of the vehicle systems that must be inspected as well as details of YourMechanic’s inspection methodology.

With regard to the two faults that have already been revealed to you, namely the non functioning cabin heater and the non functioning window, the heater repair could cost anywhere in the range of $70 (stuck heater control valve; no part replacement) on up to the hundreds of dollars if the heater core in the dash is plugged and has to be removed and replaced. On the window motor circuit, fuses are circuit protection devices and thus do NOT fail for no reason. If a fuse failed, there is a short circuit or other electrical fault in the circuit that will have to be diagnosed and resolved. There again, you can assume anywhere from $70 (if merely a wire is found shorted to ground) on up in the case where you need a new power window motor and/or regulator. If you want a quick and dirty "guess" as to what you should request as a "discount" on account of just the two problems in a case where you have no diagnosis in hand (i.e., no accurate understanding of the extent of the required repairs), you should request at least $500 off the car price to protect yourself. But, getting back to my remarks at the outset, really the ENTIRE vehicle should be thoroughly inspected and you should obtain a complete inspection report from an objective outside third party. I would not rely of the self report of the owner, unless you know the owner personally. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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