Q: I want to deactivate auto lock with reverse gear.

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When i put my car in reverse gear, all the door locks gets automatically locked. I want to deactivate that function.

Hi there. I found a procedure that you may be able to perform on your own. Toyota Camry manuals


Toyota Camry

Owners Manual

Before driving » Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk Automatic door locking and unlocking systems

The following functions can be set or cancelled:

Setting and canceling the functions (vehicles without navigation

Setting and canceling the functions (vehicles without navigation system and Display Audio system)

To switch between setting and canceling, follow the procedure below.

system Vehicles without a smart key system

Close all the doors and turn the engine switch to the “ON” position. (Perform step 2 within 10 seconds.)

Vehicles with a smart key system

Close all the doors and turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch to IGNITION ON mode. (Perform step 2 within 10 seconds.)

Shift the shift lever to P or N, and

Shift the shift lever to P or N, and press and hold the driver’s door lock switch (approximately 5 seconds and) for approximately 5 seconds and then release.

The shift lever and switch positions corresponding to the desired function to be set are shown in the following table.

Use the same procedure to cancel the function.

When the setting or canceling operation is complete, all doors are

When the setting or canceling operation is complete, all doors are locked and then unlocked.

■If a wrong key is used (vehicles with a smart key system)

The key cylinder rotates freely to isolate inside mechanism.

■If the smart key system has been deactivated in a customized setting (vehicles with a smart key system)

Use the wireless remote control or mechanical key.

■Customization that can be configured at Toyota dealer

Settings (e.g. unlocking function using a key) can be changed.

(Customizable features)

CAUTION ■To prevent an accident Observe the following precautions while driving the vehicle.

Failure to do so may result in a door opening and an occupant falling out, resulting in death or serious injury.

●Always use a seat belt.

●Always lock all the doors.

●Ensure that all doors are properly closed.

●Do not pull the inside handle of the doors while driving.

The doors may be opened and the passengers are thrown out of the vehicle and it may result in serious injury or death.

Be especially careful for the front doors, as the doors may be opened even if the inside lock buttons are in locked position.

●Set the rear door child-protector locks when children are seated in the rear seats.

Should you need assistance performing this procedure please contact your local Toyota dealer. For all other services, inspections, and repair Your Mechanic has several available technicians that come to your home or office. Feel free to schedule your next service at www.yourmechanic.com.

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