Q: I think my car misfired but I'm not sure

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Yesterday morning I drove my car to work with no issue. The check engine light came on but after about 10mins it went off. When I returned to my car about 2 hrs later to drive home, I started my car & a loud rattling sound came from the engine. I sat for a minute and then the sound started to dull so I decided to drive home. As I was driving the rattling was getting worse and the whole car started jerking every couple of seconds. When I tried to accelerate it was lagging. So I pulled over & checked the motor oil. It needed oil so I added a quart & let it sit for 10 mins. I tried to start it & the sounds were worse & more of a puttering sound & the lights on the dashboard were going in & out, the battery & coolant light came on & check engine light started flashing. I turned the car off then on & it won't start. Only clicks and the check engine light is steady and battery light is on.

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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