Q: I just had engine replaced. at cost of 5300 dollars

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Is oil pressure switch or pump part of this job normally.

My car has 96700 miles.

Hi there. It depends on exactly what was done for the engine replacement. Was it a used engine? A short block? A long block? An engine rebuild? Either way the switch is generally not included with the repair unless quoted. The same goes for the oil pump; not included unless quoted. Never assume anything is included if it’s not in the estimate. What happened to the last engine? What was the root cause of the failure? Was the maintenance properly performed and on time? I understand in today’s world, time is of the essence and there is not enough in the day to get everything done. This is where Your Mechanic provides assistance. Our technicians come to your home or office to perform services. That means you don’t have to take time out of your day to drop off the vehicle or wait at the service center. Feel free to schedule your next service/inspection anytime at www.yourmechanic.com.

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The oil pressure switch and pump are typically internal engine components and should be installed inside any new engine that was installed on your vehicle. In regards to whether that is included in the cost you paid, that’s impossible for us to know for certain; as we don’t have access to the invoice or repair policy from the individual or company that completed this service.

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