Q: I am hearing a noise when making a sharp left turn.

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I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my steering and suspension for almost a year now. I have had the car inspected and had the suggested repairs done but am still experiencing the same issues. I have a slight left to right looseness in the steering wheel and feel a slight jerk to one side when going over bumps or dips in the road.
Occasionally, while driving on the freeway I will feel a vibration or shake through the whole car, usually around 60-70 mph. At times, it feels like the front end is wobbling like the lug nuts are loose and the front tires are going to come off (I checked, the lug nuts are on tight) Just recently while making a sharp u-turn, I hear a noise from under the car that sounded like I was going over bumps. I have had the following repairs done in the past year: Both sides rear wheel bearings replaced Both inner and outer front tie rods replaced Front end alignment

Any ideas or suggestions will help.

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