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2012 hyundai [elantra gls](/topics-elantra-gls/) Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Elantra yourself? What have you tried so far? I replaced the rubber bushing in the steering motor and when i put everything back t...

2012 hyundai [elantra gls](/topics-elantra-gls/) Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Elantra yourself? What have you tried so far? I replaced the rubber bushing in the steering motor and when i put everything back together the wiper are not work now Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the fuses? Do you know if there is power to the wiper motor? Pulled all fuses and they look good but still no power to them

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Hello, My name is\*\*\*\*\*'m the Technician that will be assisting you today. I co-own a Restoration/Advanced troubleshooting shop. So My hours on here vary day to day. **If I respond to your question that means I will be online for at least 30 minutes. If you respond after that time period, I will see your message and review it. But will not respond until I back get online.** I do not work for Just Answer, They have just allowed me to use their platform to help customers like yourself. **You may receive a automatic call request, which is a good option if you don't like texting. But I will almost never have the time to place a call. If I'm assisting you and we find a call is the best route. I will call you then.** **Also under no circumstance do you post personal information other than your first name. If personal information is required (like your phone number) Just Answer has a secured way to exchange information.** Its a pleasure to get to assist you. Whom do I have the honor to be speaking with. Hey, Are you saying your windshield wipers are not working? Thanks

This is chrisi have lost complete power to wipers and the fusesI changed the rubber bushing in the steering motor on a 2012 hyundai elantra glsafter doing so everything is working expect the wipers I have a test light and im not getting it to light up at all on the wirers or in the fuse boxes
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So the wiper fuse does not have power on either side of the fuse? Thanks

CorrectI know there are three fuses one inside fuse box and two in engine bay a 10 amp and then a block fuse
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Did you check the WIPER FRT FUSE(25AMP)

the 25 amp is in the inside one
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No power to it? On neither side?

Thats correct
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Okay, The reason the 10 amp fuse dose not have power is because it gets it power from the 25 amp fuse. The 25amp fuse triggers the wiper relay which sends power to the 10 amp fuse which powers the wiper switch. I would recommend disconnecting the battery for 1 hour to the smart junction box and reset itself. Then try the wipers again. If they still do not work, The smart junction box has failed and will need to be replaced. One last question, Does the sunroof work?

No sunroof and what are you referring to as the smart junction boxWhat is the smart junction box
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The main fuse panel under the dash. The control module is integrated in the fuse panel. Does the a/c system work? Reason I ask is the two systems are power from the same power source. So if one works and the other does not. The issue is internal.

No the ac does not work now either
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One moment I assume the car starts and the key functions good?

ive been checking everythingLights ,turns,radio,starts fineSteer wheel controls workJust no ac or wipers
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Okay, So your issue is the smart junction box has failed. The smart key control module shares the same power as well. So if it works and the others don't the issue is inside the junction box. Unfortunately.

if i pull the main wire from the fuse box leave out for about an hr ?
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It will let the smart fuse box reset. This normally solves this kind of issue.

Ok one more questionIf im lokking at the fuse box what Section of wires do i pull There A thur E on the front side of the box and looks to be three sets on the back side ?if bad can i get i order it and do it myself or is that a dealership only part
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The dealership will have to do it being it has to be programmed. You would just disconnect any connector connection to the module. They will all be regular connectors.

if i did unplug the all the wires from the box and waited an hour then replugged up would that hurt anything else ??
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Ohh No, To reset the module all you have to do is remove the negative terminal on the battery. Sorry for the confusion. I thought you were referring to removing the component.

Got it
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No thank younfor your time today
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My pleasure

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