Q: how to fix the cvt transmission

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what parts need to be replaced to fix the cvt transmission

My car has 205316 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The parts required will depend on exactly what has failed and that, of course, is determined through both a diagnosis and an inspection upon disassembly if it turns out that the transmission has to be rebuilt. Your car has enough miles on it that a transmission rebuild would not be unusual. As you can imagine transmissions do not last forever. Unless you have already been informed that your transmission must be rebuilt, you should have the problem you are having diagnosed because sometimes rather mundane faults can be the cause of problems and, if that describes your case, your transmission might be repairable on the car. If you want to go that route, simply request, for example, a failure to shift diagnostic. To further answer your question, if it does turn out that the transmission has to be rebuilt, typically a "rebuild kit", specific to your year, make and model, is procured by the mechanic. That rebuild kit has all the gaskets, seals, o-rings, and so forth necessary to totally rebuild the transmission. If internal "hard parts" have failed though, those have to be bought from the dealer or transmission part vendors. Rebuild kits range from roughly $150 on up depending on how complete they are. Most of the rest of the cost is labor. Some specialist YourMechanic certified mechanics will expertly rebuild transmissions (I do) but if you end up needing yours rebuilt, if you call in you can determine the availability in your local area. Also, of course, remanufactured transmissions can be procured and installed in your vehicle and that is another option to discuss with the mechanic. Please let us know how we can best facilitate this for you.

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