Q: How much draw can do accesory mode?

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I want to know how much draw can make a stock 2013 Chevrolet Trax LTZ (That includes Mylink 7" Screen, Sunroof...) on accessory mode, listening music from bluetooth at 10% volume? I know every car draws differents current, but to make an approximate, to say a number, how much it could be?

I ask because I was using the car to listen to music, 1 hour the 1st day and the next day 2 hours without turning the engine on, sometimes I turned the key into ON, just to check "oil lifespan", mileage and stuff I don't check while driving, since this car have automatic lights, I had to constantly turn them off, I also open and close the windows and the sunroof (When I get out of the car or someone talks to me), when I was close to get out of the car and go inside my house, I noticed the trunk light was on (God knows how much time was that lamp on, also my trunk have some trouble to be closed), minutes later the battery light comes in, I tried to turn the engine on, nothing, I got to jump start it.

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