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Q: Hood release

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Lever inside the car works fine.

The lever under the hood isn't releasing. Don't have my owner's manual. Am I moving it wrong or is something broken?
My car has an automatic transmission.

This is actually a fairly common issue. It is possible that a linkage has broken, but more often, the hood release cable has stretched over time and needs to be replaced. In either situation, the cable and the interior handle come as a unit and will get replaced as a unit. If it is just a stretched cable and you still need to get the hood open, you can normally grab the actual cable right behind where it connects to the interior handle and pull on it enough to get the release to actuate. You will need to grab the actual cable, and not the housing that the cable rides in. When the cable stretches, the handle will no longer be able to move far enough to actuate the hood release. If this is something you need a hand in diagnosing and/or repairing, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at

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