The alarm won't turn off its draining everything....n it'...

The alarm won't turn off its draining everything....n it's not connected under the dashboard so where else can it b connected too Mechanic's Assistant: Have you tried locking and unlocking the driver's side door using the ...

The alarm won't turn off its draining everything....n it's not connected under the dashboard so where else can it b connected too Mechanic's Assistant: Have you tried locking and unlocking the driver's side door using the key itself? I already bought a new alternator n battery Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? Honda accord LX 2004 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Accord yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes no mechanic..I've tried everything that I've read... Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I cant find the kill switch.everything turns on the dash lights...n the locks go up n down...

Automotive Expert
Hi there I will do all I can to help. Is the alarm an aftermarket alarm ?

Um I think it is a standard one that comes already with the car
Automotive Expert
ok, give me a few minutes will find a wiring diagram for the system. If it is a factory alarm, most likely there would be a fuse.

Really appreciate it...really need that car n a couple daysit is
Automotive Expert
ok your car has the v6 engine or 4 cylinder?

4 cylinder
Automotive Expert
ok i found a wiring diagram but the only problem is that the alarm is built into the ignition control unit from what I can tell. pulling the fuse might make the vehicle not start. Have you tried the key reset procedure?

Which one....I've tried I think about all
Automotive Expert
1) Insert the key in the ignition 2) Remove the key 3) Insert the key again 4) Remove the key again 5) Insert the key once more. The car should sound its horn once. This confirms that the security system has been set to automatic mode.

Um ya that's another thing my horn hasn't been working for a while nowN I think I tried that one didn't work
Automotive Expert
ok, did you do any work on the vehicle prior to this alarm issue? have you checked that the trunk and hood are closed properly? also manually turning the key on the lock cylinder disarms the system. you can try that if you haven't already.

Everything is closed or turned off....n yes there was work done ...n it did this b4Wat u mean on the cylinder
Automotive Expert
on the door lock itself

On the panel...or the lock on the door
Automotive Expert
the lock on the door

I'm so sorry it's late but I'm frustratedBy turning the key u mean...tried that
Automotive Expert
ok, then I am suspecting one of the door locks is sending a signal to the computer that is open when the door itself is closed. To find out which door is activating the alarm, you would have to use a compatible scanner. If you don't have access to a scanner right now, you can remove the negative battery terminal for now and put it back when you need the car to run so the battery does not get drained.

Wat is a compatible scanner
Automotive Expert
an obd scanner that is capable of accessing data on all the computer modules on your vehicle.

Where can I get one n how do the prices run
Automotive Expert
the cheapest one I can think of is around 500 and amazon would be your best bet. I found one more procedure that sets the alarm into manual mode, which means if you don't lock the doors the system won't be activated. This is the procedure, let me know if you have tried this one already. 1) Turn the key from on to lock, remove the key. 2) Open a door and close it (this starts the 20 sec. Exit delay) Steps 3 through 7 must be done within 5 seconds. 3) Insert key in ignition 4) Remove key 5) Insert key 6) Remove key 7) Insert key. The horn should sound twice to confirm the system is set to manual mode.

Y dont u cum n fix it n I'll pay u the money...lolYa dear u told me about that one n I responded my horn hadn't been working for a while
Automotive Expert
Oh but this is a different one.

Just cum on over well bbq...have fun while we get dirty on the carOh it sounds like the same one....

Hi it's me again..toppada morning to uI really need the car n 2 days...please please help meI'm desperate
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Unfortunately that is all the info I have on your car. I will opt out to see if someone else can help.
Automotive Expert
Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* to just answer! I will be assisting you with all of your vehicle questions today. Give me one moment while I review your question and I will be right back with your answer, or I may need some additional information from you about your vehicle. The site will ask for a phone call not me so please disregard that thanks! The issue is the hood latch switch is bad just disconnect the battery and remove the hood latch switch connector and reconnect the battery and this will fix your issue.

I'll luv u fe if this is small...but not u huh u a big boy ....ok I'll check it
Automotive Expert
My Pleasure!

I'll let u know wat happens
Automotive Expert
Ok Ill be here.

Tom do u guys get crazy questionsI mean flirtatious kind
Automotive Expert
Not really lol.

I just trying 2 buy time daddys said ain't nothing wrong with talking or looking
Automotive Expert
Ok lol.

Ok I get it non professional to talk to the cuties...understand. I'll let u know wat happensDo I pit the hood latch back on
Automotive Expert
Ok thanks . Just remove the connector no need to remove the latch.

Automotive Expert
Keep me posted.

Oh I do remember now all door locks did not open with the alarm nor the door panel lock..its the front passenger door
Automotive Expert
Do some door locks open?

Only the 3
Automotive Expert
So the drivers door does not work correct?

It's the passenger side that's does not pay attention
Automotive Expert
OK then you need to replace the passenger side door lock actuator. Also if the interior light stays on with all the doors closed it can be the passenger side door switch as well.

No idt the lites stay on they turn off rite away
Automotive Expert
Ok then its the passenger door lock actuator that's bad and needs to be replaced.

Can I do it there a price range n how long does it take I have my sister's funnel next week
Automotive Expert
I can post the directions for you its about 2 hours labor and the parts are about 150 so close to 400 total.

Would it b cheaper if I bought the parts n have a mechanic friend do it for me
Automotive Expert
Yes about half.

Ok I think I'll try that road I dont have alot of extra money at this time due to the can u please send me the parts to the most best of wat u would b good in my expensive n maybe more less how it should b the most easiest n correct way of getting it done rite pleaseAlso where u suggest I should buy the parts at a reasonable price
Automotive Expert
You can get the parts off eBay to save money and maybe a neighbor can help you and put it in.

Is there anywhere else I can get the parts not really knowing how thosexapps work...I barely have a fb
Automotive Expert
AutoZone or most auto parts stores.


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