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Hi my name is Shay and I'm experiecing thst my 1998 ford expedition won't start. I have a new starter, alternator, and timing belt My truck won't start I've gotten an new starter,alternator, and timing belt I also changed the battery none of that got it to crank up its just a clicking noise so what could it be? I've notice thst i have an oil leak coming from my oil pan can thst be the reason it won't crank or could it be the solenoid starter sensor? Please I need answers and I don't have the money.

My car has 217000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. The symptoms you describe can be caused by a few different things. If you have already replaced those components then the next things I would look at are the starter relay, and the vehicle’s battery and ground cables. There are instances where a faulty relay will produce a clicking sound when you attempt to start the vehicle. A clicking sound indicates that the relay is experiencing some sort of internal failure and likely needs to be replaced. The same can also happen if the vehicle’s battery or ground cables are corroded or worn. Starting the vehicle requires a great amount of electrical power and any restrictions to that power, due to corrosion, rust, or damaged cables can result in insufficient power to the starter, which can cause it to click when the key is turned. In regards to the oil leak, there are cases where oil leaks onto the starter and eventually affect it’s functionality, however it is unlikely that is the issue if the starter was recently replaced. I would try to determine if the clicking sound is coming from the relay or the starter, and go from there. If you are unsure, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, come to your location to diagnose what may be causing the issue.

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