Hello, I have a '06 Pontiac GP and am experiencing a high...

Q: Hello, I have a '06 Pontiac GP and am experiencing a high pitch noise throughout all speakers and the stereo cuts off when the tem

asked by on June 22, 2017

Hello, I have an '06 Pontiac GP and am experiencing a high pitch noise throughout all speakers (stereo cuts off) when the temp. gauge reaches midpoint. This only occurs when the weather is above or at 66 degrees. Sometimes the noise gets louder when I accelerate and use any of the electrical functions in the car, i.e. window controls, a/c ect.. Also, I have tested driving the car without using the stereo and the a/c, but still experience the problem. Les Schwab removed the ground wires and restarted the battery then reattached the ground wires...this did nothing.

Hi there. Usually this type of humming noise is caused by a faulty ground connection, so if the previous mechanic replaced and repaired those issues, it’s very difficult to pinpoint the source of this problem. It is quite possible however, that the speaker is damaged. The only suggestion we can offer is to have a professional mobile mechanic complete a radio not working inspection to try and isolate the problem.

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