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Q: Heating

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Hi, my car heater does not blow out hot air it only blows cold air all the 3 pumps are working perfectly all pipes a boiling but not going through the cabin thermostat is fine oil temp rewches btw 91-98, it was working quite fine 2 days ago but when i switched it to a/c to clear away fog then back to normal settings the hot air went away. The windscreen fets alot foggy. I was told its a heater matrix but the car is only a 2013 golf. I sprayed perfume/lynx in to the air vents but it dont know if that caused the problem. Is it the heater matrix need replaced

My car has 49000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

This may be the result of a leaking heater core. The [heater core](( is a small radiator like unit that circulates the hot coolant from the engine through the heater core which then uses this warm coolant to heat the inside of the car with the help of the blower motor that blows the warm air through the vents inside the car. When this is leaking this may cause excess moisture (coolant) to be blown into the interior of the vehicle through the vents causing the excess fog on your windows. I would suggest having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose your heating system.

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