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Q: Heat and transmission i think

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My heat wont come on unless i hit a bump and when i do it barely blow heat. Also my car wont shift wen its supposed to i even put fluid in it j still same results

My car has 23339 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Hi...if the heater is not turning on, or the heater operation is intermittent, the recommended diagnostic is a heating inspection. During such an inspection the certified Mechanic will look at all the possibilities, such as blower motor or duct faults, the heater control valve and of course heated coolant flow through the heater core and the control valve. Rest assured, the fault will be identified and a repair strategy will be explained. With regard to the transmission, most are automatic these days, but regardless of the type you have, if you schedule a hard to shift transmission diagnostic the certified Mechanic will perform the necessary tests to see if this is a simple linkage issue or an internal issue involving, for example, shift solenoids, the valve body, transmission clutch packs and pistons or any of the other basic transmission components. You should probably repair the transmission issue first because that is most essential in terms of having a running car. Then, of course, repair the heater.

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