Q: Have a 03 Dodge Ram 1500 slt and turned off engine but belts still ran, disconnected battery noticed melted wire on starter

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Yesterday I had to pull out fast to get in front of someone and I noticed a funny sound in addition to the sound of my engine. At a stoplight, I tried tirning off the engine to re start the truck but it didn't turn off, maybe the pistons stopped firing but the belt was still turning slowly. I turned the key, and it restarted normally from that state and I continued home. When I arrived, I tried again to turn off the car but again the belt continues turning after I took out the key. So I disconnected the battery and it finally stopped. I saw smoke coming from near the block and I prayed I didn't throw a rod or blow head gasket or aomething. As I looked under my truck, I saw a string of melted plastic leading to the insulation on the wire coming out of the starter. Now I don't know if the starter is the problem or the effect of another problem. Please help I have to work tomorrow and. Red to fix this today!!

My car has 9999999 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like your starter wire has a short to power. This would cause the starter to be engaging at all times and would explain why the belt was still spinning. I would recommend tracing the battery wire from the positive side of the battery down to the starter to check for any obvious visual damages. It is possible that an electrical surge occured and caused wires to melt together. If this is the case, replacement of the wires may be necessary. The starter should be ok unless the engine was restarted multiple times under this condition. If this has happened, the starter gear may have been damaged. Once the source of the problem is found, I would recommend resolving this issue immediately to avoid a potential fire.

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