Q: Hard shifting from park to drive.

asked by on February 07, 2018

Hello, I have a 2008 dodge dakota 4wd. I was on a hill decline and shifted into drive from park and pressed the gas, the rpms went up but the car wasnt in gear. About 3 seconds later it engaged with engine at about 4000rpm and jumped hard into drive. Now every time I shift from park to drive it's slow to engage and grinds then bumps when shifting into drive. Every other gear is fine and shifting it's completely normal through all gears once in drive. Checked u-joints and CV's and both are fine. What could it be?? Thank you!!

My car has 107300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There are a number of things that may cause this such as low or dirty transmission fluid, a bad shift interlock, or in some cases, the weight of the vehicle putting additional strain on the transmission parking pawl. The parking pawl is a bar that engages teeth in a transmission gear to prevent the vehicle from rolling when the vehicle is in park. When the weight of the vehicle is put on the parking pawl, at times this can make the vehicle difficult to shift out of park. I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect the vehicle.

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