I am having [coolant](/topics-coolant-gmc/) loss problems...

I am having [coolant](/topics-coolant-gmc/) loss problems and cannot seem to find the source. I am out of ideas. ...

I am having [coolant](/topics-coolant-gmc/) loss problems and cannot seem to find the source. I am out of ideas.

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I'm sorry your having problems with this vehicle so I'll try to help you with this issue.The website may prompt if you want a call, but that would be up to you. SO are you still asking about the Sonoma pick-up?

I was speaking to someone earlier who recommended a combustion leak detector. I tried that out, and it was negative. I then put a pressure kit on it and found no leaks. I turned the motor over to see if anything would bubble (still thinking it was a head gasket issue) and saw nothing, even after the thermostat opened. I checked when I got home from work, and there was no coolant loss. However, I lost a gallon yesterday and did nothing to repair except add more coolant.
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So it is possible the heater core is leaking and you may not see it unless you look or park it so the drain for the ac is where you can see it , also if this is the v-6 [engine](/topics-engine-gmc/) they have an issue with the intake leaking and you will not see it , but it will go out the tail pipe and when it gets bad it will look like a head gasket. And will pass the head gasket test.

It is indeed the 4.3. I hear I grabbed a "good one" with the dec-cool fiasco as well.
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yup the coolant in them when it turns into a red clay muck it is hard to get rid of.

It was very bad in mine. When I bought it, it had fresh coolant, so I thought nothing of it. When it started acting up, I checked coolant and it was mud. I have replaced the radiator, both radiator hoses, thermostat x5, thermostat housing, in and out hoses for heater core, and [water pump](/topics-water-pump-gmc/). How would I check intake without breaking everything down?
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check for lots of steam in the mornings and when it's cool out side. there should be a little but if it seems like a thick white smoke with a sweet smell then that is a sign.

Every morning lately has been a lot of smoke. I did not think much of it with it being cold out, but there is a significant amount there.It stops after about a quarter mile of driving.
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you would need to smell it to see if it has a swet smell, as coolant does have a sweet smell when going through the engine. Also try doing the head test with a cold engine and a warm engine.

Sounds good. I'll give it a try in the morning. Any more ideas?
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check the ac drain for coolant .

Got it. Thanks again.
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your welcome.

After cranking this morning, there was 0 smoke coming from the [exhaust](/topics-exhaust-gmc/) pipe (50 degree weather). I checked the radiator and had to top it off with about a cup of coolant, but I suspect this could be from all of the work done yesterday and it not being filled properly on my end.
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ok so from this point keep an eye on it and see how it does a little loss is normal.

No problem. Would it be wise to take it to a shop just to double check? I do my own work, but I would like to see if someone else can diagnose in person (if there is a problem)
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If it continues to go down every day I would get a shop to look at it, just to see.

Got it. Thanks. I will update
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