Q: gas millage is low , i keep putting gas in every day i only go 15 miles from home a day, i have put $20 every 2 days in the tank

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So every to days im putting gas in the truck. I bought the suv used and jabe had the spark plugs changed and oil changed . Ionly go 15 miles a day for school and work $20 gave me one line above Empty now im two lines before Empty. Whats the issue , there is no check engine light on but i smell sometimes a faint trace of gas . Please help

My car has 236000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It"s important to understand that there are several factors that go into fuel economy. Not to say that there may not be something wrong with the vehicle, but these vehicles weren’t considered great on fuel economy from the factory. In the city, I believe these vehicles were only rated for 12-14 miles per gallon when they were new. With the amount of mileage on your vehicle, a significant lack of fuel economy is not all that surprising. It does sound like the economy may be due to possible problem somewhere, though. And with the smell of fuel, I would have to wonder if there is a leak of some kind. Fuel mileage will depend on several factors, such as, worn spark plugs, clogged air filter, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel injectors, worn oxygen sensors, vacuum leaks, defective fuel pump, internal engine problems, or even stuck brakes. I wish I could say for sure what is causing the actual problems, but it will really just take some diagnostic work to identify the problem. If you feel you could use some help diagnosing/repairing the problem, contact a certified mechanic, like the mobile mechanics available at YourMechanic.com.

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