Q: Fuel pump shuts off, cranks back up a few minutes later.

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After going over a big bump car stalls out. Starter works, electrical works, no start. After 10 or 15 min it cranks right up. Gas gauge erratic now out for a few weeks. Can this be related? I found out the level sensor is in the pump housing. No smell of gas after what wouldve surely flooded it. Im not sure the bump was a trigger, my wife had it cut out the night before after running through a big puddle. Then the next day it happened after crossing a really bumpy railroad, rpms we on & off I pull to the median for a second still running bad head for nearby gas station and barely make it before it dies and didnt start for 10 or 20min. I just want to know if replacing the pump is the right thing.

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The fuel pump is definitely one of the components that will cause your symptoms. The fuel gauge sending you false information is one of the big indicators there is an issue with the module. One simple test you can do is try to replicate the situation and when it stalls, listen for the fuel pump to prime. To do this, turn the key to the on position and listen for the "whirling" or "buzzing" coming from the pump. If you do not hear it when it will not start, then that is a very strong indicator that pump has failed. With the age of the vehicle, this is not horribly uncommon to have to replace.

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