It has been leaking a little bit of [coolant](/topics-coo...

It has been leaking a little bit of [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/) and then the check [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) light came on. Today when I tried to start it the car started but shortly after the rpms dropped the engine sto...

It has been leaking a little bit of [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/) and then the check [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) light came on. Today when I tried to start it the car started but shortly after the rpms dropped the engine stopped and the battery and oil light came on. Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? The check engine light has been going on and off the other lights I’m not sure because I panicked and turned the car off Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2014 Ford Escape se Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Escape yourself? What have you tried so far? I would rather fix it ourselves we replaced the [spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-ford/) and the light went off for a while recently it started shaking when I turned it on and then the light came back on again the [exhaust](/topics-exhaust-ford/) smelled really bad too Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No. Is this service free or do I pay?

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Do you have the ability to check the engine light codes?

No I was going to try to take it today to get the code checked.When I took it before it was either the park plugs or something near the spark plugs so we replaced the spark plugs and the light went away for a while.It came back recently and it got it checked again and it was something to do with the part attached to the spark plugs but before we could replace it the light went away but it came back on again last week.
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Yes see if you can get the code pulled and i can help you a lot better. The coil is above the spark plug. The code will not help with the leaking coolant but it may with the stalling issue.

I do remember the first time it said it was either spark plug 4 or coil 4 so we replaced all of the spark plugs and the light went away for a while. It shuddered one day and then came on again. I don't remember the code but it was something to do with the coil again but then the next day the light went off. Then it came on again last week
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Code p0304 is a miss fire on cylinder 4. Usually a coil.

do you think it was really a coil and not the spark plugs? Can that cause it to stall like that?
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It does not usually cause a stall. it also could have been a plug but if it came back after the plug replacement then it probably was the coil.

Is there anything else that could cause that? Also when I tried starting it again after the first stall the exhaust smelled horrible and looked like smoke
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Is it black smoke? Does it smell like rotten eggs?

It was kinda white. No more like burnt exhaust or really strong exhaust
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White is usually coolant, that makes me think head gasket unfortunately. That can cause a lot of different problems.

Would that be the same issue that is causing a lawsuit against ford?
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Sure can be. Send me your vin let me see if there is any open recalls for that.

Ok 1FMCU0GX0EUA57587
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How does it start in the morning?

It's been fine except for this last week it started shaking a couple morning which is why I was going to get the code checked today
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That motor does have issues with the head gaskets that may be the issue. Only one open recall for that car, TSB 15-0050

is that the recall for it?
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When it was shaking in the morning did it clear up after a few minutes and run normal?
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That sounds like a head gasket issue. This is what the recall is for <u>ISSUE:</u> Some 2013-2015 Escape vehicles equipped with a 1.6L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injected (GTDI) engine and built on or before 3/13/2015 may exhibit a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) with an Engine Fault Service Now message in the instrument cluster and DTC P130D stored in the powertrain control module (PCM). So i would see if you have that code but i don't think that is related.

if it is a head gasket how much does that run to replace?
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Are you seeing any coolant leaks under the car? If it were at my shop probably about 2600-3000.

Ok. I haven't noticed any but it's hard to look after we drive it because I have a toddler who doesn't like being in the car any more then we have to. It has been leaking some but only a little bit. I have looked before when it was warm because sometimes it says it needs coolant after we have been driving for a minute but I haven't seen it coming out anywhere.When it has said it needed coolant it was just barely below the minimum.
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How a bout where you park it or anything? What would be the determining factor here is if its leaking externally on the ground then that's a good thing. If its not then yeah looking like head gasket.

I haven't seen anything but it isn't leaking a lot so I don't know if I could tell.If I can get it to drive is it safe to drive it somewhere or does it need to be towed?
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Good point, if its full and not overheating I would drive it.

Ok. Thank you
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You are welcome, hopefully ford turns that into a recall and they cover it for you. Good Luck.

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