Hi there! My [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) keeps shuttin...

Hi there! My [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) keeps shutting off. I try to give it gas but it continues to quit after I get it to crank. I recently replaced my [spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-ford/). It's a V6 Ford Escape with coil...

Hi there! My [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) keeps shutting off. I try to give it gas but it continues to quit after I get it to crank. I recently replaced my [spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-ford/). It's a V6 Ford Escape with coil packs. I'm lost here. Is it something that I did, or didn't do? Mechanic's Assistant: Have you noticed an increase in fuel consumption? And how does the Spark start—same as usual? I just started it this morning and it rumbles hard. As far as fuel consumption goes it's hard to say Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Spark? The spark plugs? I just got them last week. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Spark yourself? What have you tried so far? I just replaced the spark plugs yesterday. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Something is getting hot.

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Howdy from Tennessee, I'm Chris aka Moose. Who am I helping today? I'm glad you've come here to get help. I will do my best to get the answer you are looking for. I help many customers, so sometimes my replies are delayed, I will respond once available. I try to be online at 1-5 pm and 10 pm-5 am every day. - You wrote something is getting hot, what is it and how did you confirm that? - Will it start and idle fine? - How long will it run before stalling? - When were the plugs replaced?

Howdy Chris! My name is\*\*\*\*\* touched something that was real hot while I was checking my hoses to make sure they weren't lose. It was a part near the master cylinder. I replaced the spark plugs myself yesterday. I'm worried that I didn't put my intake manifold back in place correctly. I had to remove it to get to the sparl plugs.
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Hello, Aaron I would need a picture of the part you think is to hot. - Will it start and idle fine? - How long will it run before stalling?

Customer attachment 2/1/2021 10:27:57 AM

It starts and has a hard rumble. I was able to drive it a mile and then the check engine light began to flash and the engine began to die.I can get it to crank and then it dies.
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That is the EGR, [exhaust](/topics-exhaust-ford/) gas flows through it. It will get as hot as the exhaust is. When running does it seem like there is a misfire occurring? Do you have a scan tool to see what codes are stored?

I don't unfortunately. I'm not sure if it is a misfire or an air flow problem. I know I reconnected the hoses right, I'm thinking I did something wrong when I put everything back after swapping the plugs. I know I gapped the plugs correctly at. .054It rumbles hard and when I push on the accelerator, my rpms don't climb.
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My suggestion is to do a smoke test on the air intake to see if there is a vacuum leak at seals or hoses from the repairs prior done. That can affect the air/fuel ratio. I doubt this is a fuel pressure concern since it was not an issue prior but you may want to go ahead and rule that out. The flashing check engine light does mean there is a misfire occurring, but that can be to blame on more than just coils and plugs. Without access to a scan tool to check for codes, the only remaining thing you can do is recheck all of your plugs to make sure none are cracked and make sure no coil boots are cracked. Thank you for seeking us for help, I hope I provided what was needed. Press reply if you need to follow up. If you liked my answer please let me know so I can mark your question complete. Moose
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Checking in with you. Please let me know if you liked my answer, or need more help.

Thanks Moose! I had to take it to a mechanic for service. I couldn't find the problem.
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You are welcome, keep in touch as needed

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