Q: The suspension on my 2012 Panamera 4S makes loud "crunching" noises when driving over bumps if the car is cold.

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It seems that this is a common problem with the 2010-2013 Panamera. I just bought this Panamera 4S used with a Porsche Platinum warranty, however after reading some reports online it seems that sometimes the problem goes unresolved. How insistent should I be at the dealership that they take whatever measures possible to fix the noise, and is it likely that Porsche will do so? Curious what a mechanic with experience working on these specific cars thinks about the situation. Thanks a bunch in advance.

My car has 58000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The Panamera is one of my favorite cars to drive, but less favorite cars to service for the same reasons - the complexity of the vehicle’s suspension system. The problem with most performance cars, like the Porsche Panamera is that they are designed for optimal performance; and not necessarily ride comfort. I am familiar with this ’crunching noise’. In some cases, it’s a general mechanical failure, usually caused by worn strut mounts. In other instances, it’s very difficult to diagnose. In regards to Porsche dealerships and their service standards; it really depends on where you live. If you’re in Las Vegas, the guys at Gaudin Porsche are exceptional at taking care of their customers. However, there are dealerships that are incredibly arrogant and are likely to charge you a ton of money for something that is very difficult to pinpoint. Porsche has very high standards for their service technicians, so I would take their word over any general mechanic. There are also some very good Porsche specialist shops in many cities. I would recommend contacting the dealership and a local Porsche specialist to seek their advice on the matter and go from there.

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