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Q: Engine won't fire

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I changed the fuse that operates my horn. Now the truck won't fire at all. All the lights, radio, power windows, etc, work fine, but the engine does not turn. No sound at all when I turn the key (other than the beeping of the key).

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. I suggest that you recheck the fuse that was replaced and ensure that it was the right fuse for the horn. You may have mistakenly pulled a more mandatory fuse and replaced it with the wrong one which is why the vehicle is not starting. If the fuses turned out to not be causing the problem you’ll have to run a test on the starter because if the key it’s turned to the start position and the vehicle does not crank the most likely thing it could be is a bad starter. A technician will be able to jump the starter for you to determine if that is the case. If it is not the starter is the problem then there could be faulty ignition relay causing the no start condition. Also you’ll want to check to make sure the battery terminals and its related wiring is connected properly. I suggest to find a technician who can evaluate your vehicle for the no-start condition and check the possibilities I mentioned. You can do so here

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