Got a p0340 code and replaced the camshaft sensor still g...

Got a p0340 code and replaced the camshaft sensor still going off checked voltage got the 5 volts trying to figure out what else could be causing the problem Mechanic's Assistant: Which particular sensor are you asking abo...

Got a p0340 code and replaced the camshaft sensor still going off checked voltage got the 5 volts trying to figure out what else could be causing the problem Mechanic's Assistant: Which particular sensor are you asking about? And have any trouble codes been triggered? Yes the cam shaft ckt code p0340 Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2006 dodge [ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/) 4.7 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ram 1500 yourself? What have you tried so far? Replacing cam shaft sensor and testing voltage to make sure it was getting correct voltage Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Not really

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Welcome to JustAnswer. Thank you for contacting us for assistance with your vehicle. I'm Pete. I will be happy to assist you with your question. May I ask to whom I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

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Hello Ed. Nice to hear from you today! I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. I know this can be frustrating. Is the vehicle still operating and running correctly with this issue?

Hard star and over 2500 rpm stutters
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Thank you for your reply and that information as this does help me better understand the situation. Please give me one moment to type out some info for you. I’ll be right back! Thank you for holding Ed! Dodge has released a bulletin on this fault code coming up on this model. The correction is to have a dealer reprogram the engine computer with updates software. They will usually charge $100 to perform the programming. The bulletin number needed to be used when making the appointment is 18-015-09. If the reprogramming does not resolve the issue then the diagnostic testing has to be performed based on the flow chart in the link below to identify the issue. Since the sensor was already replaced this can be a fault with the wiring or the engine computer itself that has to be replaced. The testing will help lead to the cause. [](

there is nothing I can do to fix it without taking it to a dealership
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You can go through the diagnostic test steps above in the link I provided to see if it leads to any component failure or a wiring issue that has to be repaired but if everything checks out o.k. then a dealer or a shop with access to dealer programming will need to program the computer for you to resolve this issue, unfortunately. I wish I had some better news to give you on this. It does require the use of a computer and the correct software to program the computer in your vehicle.
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Have I answered your question? If any part of my response is unclear, please let me know. It’s my goal to deliver excellent service, so please let me know if there is anything more I can do.
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Glad I could be of some help! I hope everything works out well for you! If there are any additional questions on this issue that should arise, please feel free to reply and ask! Thank you for choosing Just Answer for your questions. Have a great day!

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