Well i have a 2006 dodge charger 3.5 l high output and it...

Well i have a 2006 dodge charger 3.5 l high output and it just started to over hear out of nowhere i have changed the thermostat and next im about to to change out the water pump and reservoir Mechanic's Assistant: Has the...

Well i have a 2006 dodge charger 3.5 l high output and it just started to over hear out of nowhere i have changed the thermostat and next im about to to change out the water pump and reservoir Mechanic's Assistant: Has the vehicle ever overheated? And when was it last serviced? No never and i service mt vehical every 4 to 5 months Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Charger yourself? What have you tried so far? I am and just the thermostat

Automotive Expert
Hi my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be assisting you today. The system will offer a phone call but please disregard. So to start with is the engine fan coming on? Do you have any trouble codes?

idk if its coming on i cant hear it, and nope its not throwing any codes
Automotive Expert
You should be able to see it spinning.

i just ordered water pump and the reservoir and the hoses, the radiator isnt leaking... and when it gets hot the water comes out from the reservoir and start boiling like crazy, there is no water in the block/ engineill go look then let me check
Automotive Expert
Are you also having to add coolant?

just lately yes that its been over heating i doShould the spin as soon as I turn the car on?
Automotive Expert
No it will spin at operating temperature once the car is warmed up.

My car is now making a buzz noise from around the engine it's.never made it B4 only when the key is turned the car isn't on just the power idk why it's doing that now
Automotive Expert
The buzz noise should be coming from the intake manifold runner valve actuator. That’s normal they tend to do that.

Ok that's where it's coming from n I'm not Gunna drive my car I'm letting it sit in park cuz I'm done running it like thatThey just kicked on both of themI also have a lot of corrosion around my reservoir the plastic on it looks like it's going to like break any minute
Automotive Expert
Ok so we can rule out fans. Are you seeing any coolant on the ground or any white smoke coming from the tailpipe?

The coolant is coming out just from the reservoir the smoke is coming from just the reservoir there is no coolant coming from the radiator there was no white smoke coming from the tailpipes just the reservoir is making thatThere there is white smoke and all of my coolant is coming out from the reservoir these little holes in the side of the reservoir and the water is bubbling from the reservoir
Automotive Expert
Ok so for starters we need to replace the reservoir. There should be an updated reservoir to replace that one. They are known for cracking over time.

Yup just got that and a water pump should be here Friday morning
Automotive Expert
Ok as long as the vehicle hasn’t been overheated passed the point of no return you should be fine.

Yeah it hasn't every thing is fine with block) engine, I just don't know what else after I replace these what would be wrong!
Automotive Expert
I believe the reservoir itself should fix your issue. If the tank is not able to hold pressure then that’s when the vehicle starts to overheat. It needs to be able to hold at least 20 psi of pressure.

Yeah and it most certainly is not I can tell that myself well alrighty then I should be able to run it after I switch that out! Thank you for your time I do appreciate it
Automotive Expert
No problem.

Are u talking to ur son? Will make sure he's ok
Automotive Expert

Call me ASAP
Automotive Expert
I’m the just answer expert I’m not allowed to make calls.

Sorry wrong person
Automotive Expert
No problem

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