Q: Do plugs need to be removed to get to the tube seals

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I'm having the tube seals, valve cover gaskets and spark plugs replaced. I would like to know if the plugs needed to be removed to replace the tube seals, anyways. Trying to determine if my mechanic is double charging on labor.

My car has 176000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It is much easier to replace the tubes after removing the spark plugs. However, installing new tubes is a unique step and requires additional time to complete the task correctly. This is why most mechanics bill for the job as a separate "task" - even if part of that task is removing the spark plugs. You also have to remember that installing new spark plugs involves more than simply taking them out of the box and putting them in the hole. In the end, the pricing for the two individual jobs is typically justified. Now, if the mechanic is charging multiple hours of labor for those tasks, that might be suspicious and excessive.

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