Q: Direly need advise on what to do here.

asked by on December 04, 2017

Bought it for $900 and have $500 to spend. I was stupid to not have it checked when i bought it. Anyway. Blown head gasket and it won’t shift automatically, if i do it like a manual then it works but i assume this means it needs replaced. I don’t have enough for all this. What should i do to get the most money i can? Please help me. I’m broke and in college and i can’t loose $900

If you can help with the transmission that’d be great. D4, and D3 just slip and jerk. Starting in second works just fine and then if i shift up to D3 then we’re all good. Also reverse works just fine.

My car has 220000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The problem you have with the cars engine and transmission will far exceed the costs to repair it and will not be worth the money to do any of the repairs. If you want to fix the head gasket leak alone may not just be a gasket but the cylinder head may be cracked and need replaced. You would need to have head removed to inspect the head for warpage and damage. For the transmission you may need to have all the shift solenoids replaced or a more serious internal problem requiring complete major overhaul. Between the two jobs you may be in excess of $3000 or more.

Hi Torin. Thanks for contacting us today. To be completely honest, spending $500 on attempted repairs with a blown head gasket is going to be a waste of money that you likely can’t afford to sink into this vehicle. A blown head gasket repair generally starts at about $1,500 - assuming that the gasket itself is the only damage done to the engine. The transmission issues are likely the same cost to repair. The only advice I can offer is to consider this a lesson learned, salvage the vehicle and save money until you can purchase a dependable vehicle.

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